Corrections within the available services – we offer a wide range of proofreading services as part of the services we offer. In the case of writing text, creating presentations or designing research, you can and often make a series of mistakes that have a negative impact on the final result. For this reason, we come to you with an offer to check and correct errors, imperfections that may have a negative impact on the final assessment, or the functioning of the “product”.

We have many years of experience in the revisions of written tests and visual effects. We know what to pay particular attention to during the execution of individual orders. We strive to ensure that our orders are carried out quickly, efficiently and professionally at the same time. It is also worth emphasizing that we adapt our services to the individual needs of each client.

Our offer:

  • Text corrections:
  • Substantial improvement;
  • Stylistic correction;
  • Syntax correction;
  • Implexive improvement;
  • Lexical correction;
  • Grammatical improvement;
  • Punctuation improvement;
  • Spelling correction.

Presentation corrections:

  • Volume improvement of the presentation;
  • Correction, refining the appearance of the presentation (background, written text, illustrations, graphs);
  • Correction, refinement of visual effects (transitions between slides, tempo).
  • Correction of tests:
  • Improvement in the process of test preparation;
  • Corrections in the research concept (plan, diagram, task structure);
  • Correction in conducting research;
  • Corrections in the development of the results of the tests.
  • Corrections of speeches:
  • Volume improvement;
  • Improvement, refinement of content (references, means of expression, etc.).
  • Correction of translations.
  • Correction of positioning:
  • Improvement in the selection of keywords;
  • Correction in the selection of appropriate visual materials;
  • Correction of linking;
  • Repairing site errors (especially those that have a negative impact on search engine rankings).

Corrections of websites / blogs:

  • Correction under the SEO positioning account;
  • Improving the loading speed;
  • Correction of visual elements;
  • Repair of internal linking;
  • Correction and optimization of outbound linking;
  • Removing empty entries / subpages;
  • Repair of harmful redirections.

Each proofreading project begins with a detailed determination of the client’s needs and expectations. On this basis, it is possible to submit a personalized offer. It is the customer who decides which type of correction, and the correction to what extent he wants. Thanks to this, it is possible to make the required corrections during a single proofing session (without the need for repeated checking). This significantly shortens the time needed to perform the entrusted order.

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