Occasional speech – we offer a speech preparation service for various circumstances in different languages of the world. If you are waiting in front of the audience and need a specially prepared for this occasion text, which will be personalized to individual needs, then you have found the right place. Our offer is addressed to a very wide group of people, it can even be said that we direct it to everyone who treats themselves both in a serious way (professionalism of their speech) and their listeners.

We specialize in preparing speeches for every circumstance. It can be an occasional speech in the form of thanks, wishes, announcements, etc.

Our offer includes:

  • Writing the content of a special speech;
  • The content of an occasional speech is suitably personalized, it is adapted to the situation presented by the client, the circumstances in which it is to be presented, and to the characteristics of the recipients.
  • Evaluation of an existing speech (audit);
  • We pay attention to the most important factors of the speech (eg addressee, adequacy to the circumstances of the speech, stylistic means used in the speech, purpose of the speech, etc.);
  • We prepare and send the client a report evaluating the speech. For better transparency, we use numeric indicators.
  • Improving the existing speech;
  • Volume improvement;
  • Improving or refining the content of the speech (eg references, means of expression, etc.);
  • Suggestions about pace, appropriate gestures, etc. (optional).
  • Extending the content of the occasional speech with explanatory information relevant to the speaker (we adjust it to the situation specified by the client, to the occasion of the speech);
  • Information about clothing;
  • Information on articulation;
  • Information about the speed of speech;

Gesticulation information

General information on previous preparation (not to have stage fright on the day of the speech).

The mere fact of a public appearance can be stressful, and you still need to prepare the right text for the occasion and remember the many details that affect the reception of the presentation. If this responsibility has fallen on you, please contact us. We have many years of experience in writing speeches, in lectures and in public speeches. We know what to pay the most attention to and how to prepare a speech so that the recipients listen with interest. We prepare speeches in a professional manner. We also give you the guarantee of an individual approach – we know that there are no two identical situations. We assure you that the speeches we prepare are at the highest level.

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