Speech, preparation of speeches – help in preparing speeches for various circumstances in different languages of the world.

The speech is undoubtedly a very interesting, but at the same time difficult to learn form of expression. Written speech to achieve the desired effect must be properly delivered. Its proper preparation and presentation can often convince many listeners to us or our position. Each speech in order to achieve the desired effect should contain several important elements.

The most important features of a good speech:

  • Information about who is the recipient of the speech and the reason for his speech;
  • Appropriate for the circumstances;
  • An introduction in which one should directly address the addressees of the speech;
  • Clear articulation;
  • Numerous references to recipients (a written word addressed to intended recipients);
  • Balanced gesticulation that strengthens the power of the message;

Design-specific media, such as:

  • metaphor;
  • comparison;
  • Rhetorical questions;
  • Sentences are imperative.
  • Writing in literary language is recommended, without the use of colloquialisms;
  • The right pace of speech;
  • The use of pauses;
  • A concise and possibly simple formulation of the message is recommended (in this case, however, the target group to whom the speech is addressed is of great importance);
  • Maintaining eye contact with listeners;
  • Naturalness of expression.
  • Remember to clearly define the purpose of the speech, e.g.
  • Declaration;
  • Thanks;
  • Request.

Of course, therefore, it is possible to commit a series of more or less significant errors, mishaps, which, depending on their weight, will most likely contribute to the deterioration of our reception as a speaker or a matter that we present. For this reason, we encourage you to take advantage of our offer. We specialize in writing speeches for every circumstance. They can be occasional speeches in the form of thanks, wishes, announcements, etc.

Our offer (preparation of speeches) includes:

  • Writing the content of the speech;
  • The content of the speech is personalized, i.e. adequate to the situation presented by the client, the circumstances in which it is to be presented, and the characteristics of the recipients.
  • Evaluation of the prepared speech (audit);
  • We pay attention to all the most important factors of good speech (addressee, adequacy to circumstances, used stylistic means, purpose, etc.);
  • We prepare and send a report evaluating the speech. For better clarity, we use numerical indicators for the customer.
  • Improving the already existing speech;
  • Volume improvement;
  • Improvement, refinement of content (references, means of expression, etc.);
  • Suggestions for the right pace, gestures, etc.
  • Adding explanatory information to the content extremely important from the point of view of the speaker (we add it to the situation defined by the client, the occasion of the speech);
  • Information on choosing the right dress;
  • Information explaining the appropriate articulation
  • Information on what to emphasize with a stronger accent
  • Information about the appropriate rate of expression
  • Information on appropriate gestures
  • General information on how to speak, what to pay special attention to;
  • General information on how to prepare beforehand to not have stage fright on the day of the speech.

If you are waiting in front of the audience and you need an original text, which will be prepared specifically for your needs, then you have come very well. Our offer is addressed to a very wide group of people, it can even be said that we address it to everyone, with particular emphasis on the below-mentioned professional groups.

Our offer is directed in particular to:

  • Management assistants;
  • Management Board members;
  • School directors;
  • Local government activists;
  • Executives;
  • Managerial staff;
  • doctors;
  • teachers;
  • politicians;
  • Administration staff;
  • Employees of the marketing department;
  • Academic employees;
  • Public relations employees;
  • lawyers;
  • Heads of companies;
  • officials;
  • Owners.

We know that the public speech itself can be very stressful and additionally you should prepare (write) the right text for the occasion and remember the many details that affect the reception of the presentation. If this responsibility has fallen on you, let us help you. We have many years of experience in writing speeches, as well as in lectures and public speeches. We know what to look for and how to prepare the presentation so that the audience listens with interest and that the presentation is prepared in a professional manner. We give you a guarantee of an individual approach – we realize that every situation (although perhaps similar to others) is different. We assure you that the preparation of speeches by us is at the highest level.

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