Spell check – we offer proofreading services to check and correct language errors (depending on the theme of the text, a different range of amendments is recommended). We pay special attention to the visual and aesthetic appearance of each document being corrected, consistency, consistency of recording, uniformity of formatting, uniformity of fonts and text distinctions. Our offer is addressed both to private persons as well as to companies.

We have many years of experience in the correction of various types of industry texts. We know what to look out for while completing the order. The orders we carry out are carried out quickly and efficiently and are at the highest level. We adapt to the individual needs of the client, we know that there are no two identical orders.

Our offer – spell check – includes:

  • Correcting errors:
  • stylistic
  • syntactic
  • inflectional
  • lexical
  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • spelling

The scope of the texts being revised:

  • Scientific articles);
  • magazines;
  • E-mails;
  • folders;
  • Instructions;
  • Books;
  • Information materials;
  • Marketing offers;
  • Product descriptions for online stores;
  • Thesis:
  • Bachelor’s;
  • Engineering Works;
  • Masters theses;
  • Doctoral dissertations;
  • Habilitation works
  • Final work;
  • Multimedia presentations;
  •  reports;
  • Analytical reports.
  • Reviews;
  • Regulation;
  • Financial Statements;
  • Statutes;
  • Websites;
  • Positioning texts;
  • Translations;
  • Resolution;
  • Leaflets.

Each order starts with defining the individual needs and expectations of the client. On this basis, we can submit a highly personalized offer. It is the client who decides which correction he wants (stylistic, syntactic, grammatical, spelling correction, etc.). Thanks to this, it is possible to make corrections you want during a single text check without checking it repeatedly. This shortens undoubtedly the time of the need to perform the entrusted order.

Good to know:

  • We provide our clients with complete confidentiality and anonymity
  • In the case of proofreading services, we value dialogue and contact with the client in a special way
  • We offer proofreading in various languages ​​of the world
  • It is possible to sign a special agreement containing a confidentiality clause
  • Each order is priced individually
  • Depending on the client’s expectations, the time of carrying out the order entrusted to us can be different – standard, fast, super fast, as well as express

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